PhD company visits

The aim of these visits is to discover companies and organisations in the cross-border region. The aim is also to encourage doctoral students to open up their horizons in terms of professional opportunities linked to the promotion of their degree.

The second host of our PhD Visits will be OVHcloud on December 17, 2020 for an online session from 14:00 to 16:00.

This "online visit" will provide participants with information about OHVcloud, a global Cloud provider. You will be able to learn about the company, its career opportunities, recruitment processes and much more.  You will have the chance to meet three speakers:
 - Akoua Mouetoua : part of the human ressources department at OVHcloud since more than 5 years, Akoua is currently Campus manager with aim to build and animate relations with schools.
 - Laurent Parmentier : after a few months as DataOps, Laurent is now PhD student in artificial intelligence at OVHcloud since 2 years.
 - Aurélien Tanière : since 3 years as Innovation Project Manager, Aurélien facilitate R&D collaborations between academics and OVHcloud.
Do not hesitate any longer and join us by registering today!