Carreers forum


The aim is to bring employers and potential employees together, particularly within the French-Flemish-Walloon cross-border region.

Each fair will have stands of companies that are specifically looking for PhD graduates, information stands (e.g. legal aspects of working in another country), career workshops (e.g. applying in another language), CV analysis and networking opportunities.

The fairs will be open to visitors from every scientific field. In this respect, we will ensure that the markets also offer added value for young researchers in the human and social sciences. Each fair will have its own theme, which will be organised in an inter-disciplinary way (e.g. the "biotechnology" theme will be used not only to attract R&D companies, but also patent agents and advisers). With its own specific features, each fair will be totally geared to attract visitors and companies from the three regions. In each region, the efforts required will be made to encourage the companies and PhD students/graduates to circulate as much as possible between the regions.

For each fair, we will recruit some 40 institutions and organise a dozen workshops. Each exhibition will target around 200 PhD students/graduates (total of 600).

3 careers fairs will be organised, 1 per year:

  • The first careers fair took place in Ghent - Belgium in March 2018

  • The second careers fair, called PhD Job Day  took place on 28 February 2019 in Mons - Belgium

  • The third was scheduled to take place in France, in Villeneuve d'Ascq, on 26 january 2021. But the health crisis forces us to review the format and dates of this fair. It will be held in two times : online workshops on February 12 and 15 and recruitment, still online, on February 18, 2021.