Innovation Bootcamp - Edition 2020

Circular Bootcamp 2020

The TRANSUNIV Interreg project launches the 3rd edition of the Innovation Brainstorm and Bootcamp. This year's topic is Circular Economy. The goal of this "Circular Bootcamp" is to set up concrete collaborations between universities, companies and public or private institutions in the region Flanders-Wallonia-France.

The Circular Bootcamp takes place in 2 phases: the brainstorm in October and the actual bootcamp in December.

Societal challenges

This is the list of topics that will be tackled during the bootcamp.

  • Replacing synthetic materials by biobased materials
  • Using waste (sorted & purified) as a new resource in the construction industry
  • Making products last longer with a new business model
  • Turning waste from the AgroFood industry into new applications
  • Creating a new market demand for recycled materials (new business opportunity)
  • Disrupting the circular economy with a new concept for any of the GAFAM companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft)

If you and your company or organisation are interested in one of these topics, please contact Peter Bertels.


We will organise the bootcamp, fully online, from 9 to 11 December. A group of 30 PhDs will work on the challenges, identified during the brainstorm, together with interested companies and non-profit organisations.

We will apply design thinking and business modeling in order to put research into practice!

Are you interested to work with other researchers or companies? Do you want to explore the circular economy and see how your research fits in? Do you want to find opportunities for a research project or maybe even a start-up?

Practical information about the course of this online bootcamp will follow mid-November. In any case, we have decided to organise the bootcamp completely online. So you can participate safely from home or from your office.

Register for the bootcamp and chose your topic!