2019 Digital Health Innovation Bootcamp

Innovation from diagnosis and treatment to managing health

Based on the concept of OPEN INNOVATION, the Innovation Bootcamps are intended to bring together doctoral, post-doctoral researchers, PhD's supervisors and external operators (companies, public actors, etc.) from the cross-border region around common cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary issues.

The main objective is to foster exchange and collaboration between the academic world and the socio-economic world, thereby ensuring a better coherence between scientific developments and the needs of the citizen community.

Besides the ambitions of the participants, the real impact on the citizen is a leit motiv of the reflection carried out during the Innovation Bootcamp.

The Digital Health Innovation Bootcamp takes place in 2 stages :

Phase n°1: 1st October, 4-8 pm " Digital Health Brainstorming "

preparation meeting which brought together the PhD's supervisors (senior researchers) and the external socio-economic actors (companies, public and private organisations) to jointly determine their needs which are synthesized into specific questions.

4 issues arose from the joint reflection of socio-economic actors and senior researchers :

  1. 1. Innovation and methodology

    Identifying the technical stakes for e-health and the methodology fundamentals to achieve a successful digitalization of healthcare services.
  2. 2. Connected objects and user’s experience

    Reflecting on new e-health practices thanks to the utilization of connected objects and thanks to the improvement of user’s experience.
  3. 3. Ethics and deontology

    Thinking about the fundamental ethical takes and their consequences on e-healthcare practicioners.
  4. 4. Public policies and protection of patient’s rights

    Defining the core conditions to protect the patient’s rights at an individual and collective level

Phase n°2: 19-21 November, Digital Health Innovation Bootcamp , in " Serre numérique ", in Valenciennes

during 3 consecutive workshop days, doctoral researchers from different disciplines and from the cross-border area of France-Wallonia-Flanders, were be led to work together on the previously determined questions through dynamic, creative techniques (design thinking), and to proposed innovative solutions to these issues. This method ultimately aimed at new collaborations and research projects with the socio-economic actors.

4 innovative projects imagined by juniors researchers:

Project 1 : Smart Hospitasl Solution
Project 2 : ORBIT - Smart Solution to collect, Detect, Prevent and Inform User about Health Risks.
Project 3 :
Bodeguard – Medical Social Platforme
Project 4 : PUBLIC POLICIES & PROTECTION OF PATIENTS RIGHTS. Defining the core conditions to protect patients' rights at an individual and collective level : e-Consent Application