Webinar "How to present online"

Date: 16/03/2021 from 09h00 -11h00

How to present your research or project to an audience that can only see you through the webcam? In this webinar, you will learn to present your message with impact.

The following elements will be discussed:

    What makes presenting online different?

    How can you find a clear message, without going into too much detail?
    How do you keep the attention of your audience?
    What do you say in the first minute and how to close?
    Can you use the same slides for online presentations?
    How to deliver your presentation in front of the webcam?

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Try-out session

Knowing how to do it is one thing, but applying this to your own topic and getting immediate feedback will ensure the very best learning experience. During the try-out session in a small group of 6 participants, you will give a brief online presentation and receive feedback from the trainer and fellow participants.

There will be 4 try-out sessions. Keep in mind that you have to follow the webinar first, to be able to participate to the try-out session.

Try-out session 1 on 16/03/2021 from 13 :30 to 14:30

Try-out session 2 on 16/03/2021 from 15:00 to 16:30

Try-out session 3 on 17/03/2021 from 9 :00 to 10:30

Try-out session 4 on 17/03/2021 from 11 :00 to 12:30

You can register here for the try-out session.

About the trainer

Hans Van de Water is a presentation trainer and expert in scientific communication. With his company The Floor is Yours he has trained thousands of researchers in the techniques necessary to prepare and give effective presentations. More information on thefloorisyours.eu.