Located near the French-Belgian border, UMONS is the leading University of the Hainaut sector. Its organisation brings together all the higher education operators of the Hainaut region. With some 40 training courses, UMONS proposes bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in many sectors.

Strongly attached to its role in promoting "social mobility" in an economically depressed region, it monitors the quality of its teaching and can thus avail itself of excellent expertise in the psycho-pedagogical support given to the learners.

Anxious to make its students more employable, UMONS has explicitly made internships in companies an integral part of a number of its courses.

With a broad range of expertise in organising and facilitating student mobility and cross-border and trans-regional internships (particularly with France and Flanders), UMONS aims to facilitate inter-cultural contacts for its students through its International Relations department and its many international partners.

Thanks to its experience in many national and international research projects, including some 40 European projects (FP7, Interreg, ERDF and ESF), UMONS is used to the requests in terms of financial reporting, auditing, publishing and communication.

The university has a multi-disciplinary support and research support team, the Administration and Research Development department, whose task is to promote the PhD course. Having already been involved in the previous PRODOC (interreg IV), AVRE continues to support the professional development of its doctoral students.

This includes setting up an innovative tutoring programme and redesigning its DocConnections into a participatory governance that places the needs of its doctoral students at the heart of the process.

It seeks external funding and manages its own funding to support the theses and mobility of its doctoral students. Acting as a business/university interface that is keen to drive scientific development at the highest level as well as build ties with the area's entrepreneurial operators and develop the region, AVRE promotes research with companies and intends to develop a real service to the local authorities, which are at the origin of the needs in the field.