UNamur has almost 250 doctoral students and 75 post-doctoral students. Like UCL, UNamur (through the former "Louvain" University Academy) was one of the four operators within the scope of the PRODOC "Cross-border process of professional integration of doctors (and young researchers) and the enhancement of doctoral skills with companies and non-trading organisations" project.

At the end of this project, UNamur pursued the activities that had been set in motion there, by creating a full-time position as part of the "PRO-DOC" Unit to organise seminars to consolidate the cross-disciplinary skills of the researchers and support these researchers in defining their career objectives. Conscious of its obligations associated with the ratification of the European Charter of Researchers' Rights, and anxious to support its doctoral students and researchers by making them more attractive to the job market, UNamur solidified the role by creating a permanent position in January 2016.

Some of the initiatives organised as part of the PRO-DOC unit were carried out in partnership with UCL and Université Saint-Louis. This is the case for the setting up of a portfolio of training courses in cross-disciplinary skills, individual and group activities and tools to support professional integration and build awareness among the business community about the skills of PhD graduates. The Research Administration (ADRE) has also developed services to support the mobility of researchers (information and creation of scholarship files, training focused on developing research, etc.)

In addition to these seminars and supporting activities and always with the aim of preparing PhD students and researchers for their future supervisory responsibilities in the academic and business sectors, thereby making them more employable, the University of Namur has created the "From University to Enterprise & Society" certificate. This certificate for PhD students and recognised with a minimum of 10 ECTS credits (up to 38 credits), is based on the following 6 modules: interpersonal skills and collective intelligence, organisational management, preparation for research, communication, socio-economic environment and pedagogy.  

UNamur also organises events aimed at preparing PhD students and researchers for their professional integration: My thesis in 180 seconds, Famelab and Research Day.