Project description

The TRANSUNIV project aims to build a sustainable cooperation area in the France-Wallonia-Flanders cross-border area between partners universities and socio-economic actors in the region, targeting the mobility and professional integration of young students and Phd's. To do this, the project is divided into three main action modules:

  • The organization of residential seminars that will bring together for several days young researchers and socio-economic actors from the region around innovation projects from sectors identified as strategic and with high innovation potential.
  • Mobility of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in laboratories, private and/or public organisations in the cross-border region through calls for projects improving the cross-border student knowledges and practices sharing.
  • The organisation of employment forums specifically targeting PhDs as well as organisations sharing the Phd's culture and professionalisation aims to reinforce transversal competences inside and outside the academical world as well as the cooperation between them.